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Sandra H. Rodman
CEO, Right Brain Aerobics, Author Right Brain Aerobics and numerous screenplays, musicals, and training programs. Author, Right Brain Blogs & Right Brain Counseling on Blogspot. @SHRodman on Twitter

Sandra H. Rodman, former Fotune 500 senior executive, created Right Brain Aerobics training as a mainstream training platform -- which can increase the effectivness of other training or problem-solving, creativity initiatives, or act as "Step 1" training for other programs -- after stumbling upon new techniques which when practiced regularly can accelerate creativity, innovative and critical/strategic thinking, useful for career, business, and life skills. Easy exercises prompt expanding "inner genius" that can be applied in any industry, at any level, from CEOs to scientists and artists, from parenting or sports to teaching and learning, while lowering stress and building mind/brain power.

Goal: To enable anyone in any discipline or industry, at any level in organizations to begin to tap "the aha mind," accessing greater insight and generating new ideas/perspectives using the brain/mind differently. Author, innovator, and media personality, featured by The Dr. Pat Show, Contact Talk Radio, New Connexion TV as well as press such as the Herald in Everett, the Redmond Reporter, the South Whidbey journal -- and featured speaker/trainer for the Association for Internal Management Consultants and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum.

She draws upon decades in creative executive management in Fortune 500 such as VP, Merrill Lynch and Sr. Director, AT&T Wireless, reporting to the CIO, specializing in technology/communications/sourcing innovations, and a Director in innovative non-profit and milieu therapy rehabilitation programs; she was past Chair of the National Task Force on Program and Planning for Therapeutic Communities of America. A playwright and composer, she has decades in creative/performing arts, serving on Boards of theater companies, in addition to decades of practices in mental focus/ meditative/ intuitive arts and training certifications such as Strategic Learning Systems and Sound Healing under the auspices of the Sound Healing Foundation/Acoustic Brain Research.

Right Brain Aerobics has been presented for executives & managers of companies such as Microsoft, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, CSX Transportation, GP Strategies, Merrill Lynch, HP, Stevenson University, the Association for Internal Management Consultants, and the Information Technology Senior Management Forum -- as well as community training programs as a community contribution.

Contact: Email Sandra Rodman - email to subscribe to"Right Brain Tips Newsletter." Sandra Rodman on LinkedIn. SHRodman on Twitter. Google+. Right Brain Blogs & Right Brain Counseling Blogs. 425-214-2926

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Dr Craig Weiner

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C.
Creator, The Transformational Dialogues and Director, The Chiropractic Zone

Host, Change Your Mind/Transformational Dialogues Radio on the EFT Online Radio Network. Right Brain Aerobics Trainer and Coach

Dr. Craig Weiner, D.C. has been immersed in the healing arts for over twenty five years. His journey has taken him through a professional labyrinth of health care professional paradigms and has been a practicing chiropractic physician for the past two decades. His passion as an educator, teacher and workshop leader has woven him into the worlds of private practice, consulting on corporate wellness training, and producer of mind-body events and conferences throughout California and Washington.

He is an internationally known lecturer, author, and radio guest host, a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer. His explorations and studies in the fields of brain Neuroplasticity and life-changing mind focusing practices have made him a sought after speaker and educator. He is the creator of the Transformational Dialogues, a four year ongoing series of life changing presentations with world change-agents that have received accolades from both guest presenters and audience participants. He is a certified Right Brain Aerobics Trainer and is working closely with the developer of Right Brain Aerobics, Sandra Rodman to further develop the RBA Coaching and Train the Trainer certifications. 

Dr. Craig Weiner is a frequent regional speaker in the Seattle region, with standing-room-only talks at Libraries and Community Centers -- see the Everett Herald Press Article.

Contact: 360-661-6877 - Email - Chiropractic Zone Web Site & Videos/audios of Transformational Dialogues. Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Langley, WA, Seattle Region. Host of Transformational Dialogues: Change Your Mind Radio on the EFT Online Radio Network.

Victoria Castle

Victoria Castle
International Author/Speaker -- Creator, Necessary Mischief and Author, Trance of Scarcity. Right Brain Aerobics Trainer and Coach

Victoria Castle, MSC, owner of Castle Enterprising, has been stirring it up for her leadership clients for over 20 years. She is the author of The Trance of Scarcity which addresses our cultural pre-disposition to “not enough-ness” and offers the practices for embodying (not just conceptualizing) abundance and ease as a way of being. With a background of working with corporate leadership and social entrepreneurs, training as a Master Somatic Coach, practicing spontaneity with her Improv troupe, and having a keen radar for when things get too serious to be productive, Victoria speaks and teaches internationally.

A pragmatist to the bone, she investigated the trail of chronic struggle and found the leverage for creating greater results with less effort – not just for individuals but for our shared future. Leaders and Fortune 500 organizations seek her guidance for how to be purposeful, effective, creative, and fulfilled in the midst of chaos and pressure -- and be invigorated and energized doing work they love. As a Master Somatic Coach, Victoria teaches at post-graduate and professional programs addressing the issues of authenticity, innovation, and resilience. She speaks at national conferences for business, women, and social activism.She has helped thousands to embody abundance as a way of life.

Contact: 425-985-9058 - Email Victoria -- to schedule a speaking event or coaching. Website: Necessary Mischief - Wildly Resourceful, Outrageously Effective. Freeland, WA, Seattle Region.

  Worldwide Exclusive Distributor, Right Brain Aerobics Trainer, and
Creator, "New Pathways to Revenue -- Right Brain Sales Programs"

Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher, President, Gallagher Management, Co.
Worldwide Exclusive Distributor, Right Brain Aerobics
Author, New Pathways to Revenue: Right Brain Business Development

Bill Gallagher is President of Gallagher Management Co., with decades in CEO/CFO-level Strategic Business Development at Major Fortune 500 Companies. A former IBM Executive of over 15 years with proven entrepreneurial skills in all aspects of business development including Direct Operations, Channels and Strategic Alliances.

Bill Gallagher and Gallagher Management Company are specialists in representing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to training, education, technology, and sales -- as well as Worldwide Exclusive Distributor for Right Brain Aerobics.

Bill is the creator of "New Pathways to Revenue: Right Brain Business Development" and offers executive consultation for CEOs, CFOs, Senior Sales and Strategic Business Development Executives as well as Board Members -- as well as Executive Coaching for Non-Profit Organizations in Program Development, Fund Raising, and developing Strategic Partnerships.

Contact: 410-905-2055 - Email Bill.
Web/Bio: Bill Gallagher.
Baltimore, MD -- Washington, D.C./NJ/NY Region.

  Industry Specialists  




See Right Brain Counseling for information about applying Right Brain Aerobics work in the counseling and addictions fields.

Maya Hennessey, Maya Hennessey Associates, is a national trainer, consultant, director, speaker, author -- an Industry Specialist Right Brain Aerobics Trainer for Counseling and the Addicitons/Alcoholism Field. See Right Brain Counseling

Right Brain Aerobics for Parenting -- a new Specialty will be introduced for "Right Brain Parenting" Classes.



You go to the gym to strengthen physical abilities; you exercise the left brain at work; now activate the other 90%, the creative Right Brain...

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