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How Is Right Brain Aerobics Training Delivered?

Right Brain Aerobics training can be:

1) Customized stand-up training, pilots, speaking engagements for Corporations, Associations, Educaitonal Institutions

2) Executive Conference Calls -- Private small group exclusive training for executives via private conference call and Right Brain Aerobics media.

3) Public Talks, Community Classes, Graduate and Advanced Classes, Special Events


Bullet Level 1: Right Brain Aerobics Starter Package
Varies from 3.5 to 5 hours. One 1/2 day session or Weekly Classes or TeleClasses of 1.5 to 2 hrs

Bullet Level 2 & 3: Components 2-7 and many Right Brain Aerobics Advanced Modules drawn from the 7 Components. Varies from 3.5 to 6 hours. One 1/2 session or Weekly Classes or TeleClasses of 1.5 to 2 hrs

Bullet Corporate Speaking Engagements: Right Brain Innovation & Creativity for Business and Sales: Motivational Speaking with the CEO of Right Brain Aerobics and the Pres. of Gallagher Management Co. Call Bill Gallagher, 410-905-2055.

For Corporate & Institutional Training Programs:
Contact Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Management at 410-905-2055

For Community Public Talks & Classes, see Right Brain Aerobics Academy or contact Sandra Rodman, CEO at 425-214-2926 or Email Sanra Rodman




You go to the gym to strengthen physical abilities; you exercise the left brain at work; now activate the other 90%, the creative Right Brain...

Cyber Brain
For Right Brain Aerobics Community Classes - Contact Sandra Rodman, Right Brain Aerobics, 425-214-2926 - Freeland, WA. Email. www.rightbrainaerobics.com
For Right Brain Aerobics training call The Gallagher Management Company: 410-905-2055. Or Email Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Company.
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