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Sandra Hudlow Rodman

Sandra H. Rodman, CEO
Right Brain AerobicsTM
Freeland, WA 98249
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For Right Brain Express & Right Brain Aerobics institutional and corporate training sales
Call Bill Gallagher, Gallagher Management Co., Baltimore, Maryland- 410-905-2055.

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Bill Gallagher

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Right Brain Aerobics Academy: Community Classes & Public Talks
See Right Brain Blogsite for: Innovation Portal Executive TeleConference Calls

Right Brain Aerobics (see home page for more about this 'right brain' training) makes a community contribution in the NW Seattle region and other cities by offering community classes, public talks, local graduate services, and producing community events.. For a schedule of these community-based programs which have special rates and offerings see Right Brain Aerobics Academy. Classes can be arranged on many topics and for different levels and industries. See for Example: Right Brain Counseling -- and Right Brain Aerobics for Parents

Right Brain Aerobics Corporate and Institutional Training Classes
& Speaking Engagements

For Executive Conference Calls and Corporate & Institutional Training Programs, Enterprise and Division Licenses, Train-the-Trainer Programs, contact Bill Gallagher, President, Gallagher Management Company, Worldwide Exclusive Distributor, Baltimore, Maryland: 410-905-2055 or email Bill Gallagher.

Right Brain Aerobics Series for different disciplines and industries

Right Brain Healing.

Dr. Craig Weiner, Right Brain Aerobics Trainer (See Trainer Bios) will be offering Right Brain Aerobics for health professionals and healers. This series was introduced with "Right Brain Aerobics: Enhancing Creativity & Innovation in Health Care" (PSYCH 12RIGH02) for CE Credits at Bastyr University.

Enjoy Dr. Weiner's interviews with innovative health professionals, thinkers, brain scientists and experts on "Change Your Mind" Radio Transformational Dialogues, part of the EFT Online Radio Network. Dr. Craig Weiner offers Library and Center Talks, Speaking Engagements for Companies and Institutions, Right Brain Aerobics Level 1 Training and other RBA programs in the Seattle region and other area such as Portland, OR or Sante Fe, NM.

Right Brain Aerobics for Counselors.

Maya Hennessey, Right Brain Aerobics Trainer in Counseling-- see Maya Hennessey & Associates, Author, "If I'd Only Had This Caregiving Book" an Award Winning Trainer and former Executive Director in Addictions/Alcholism Counseling and Consulting in Illinois and nationally--was featured on PBS on the Bill Moyers Show and cited by Counselor Magazine as one of 60 women in the field "making a difference."

Maya Hennessey offers private consulting and group processes using Right Brain Aerobics in the Phoenix, Arizona/Sun City region. See more about Maya and some of her comments about what happens when using Right Brain Aerobics in groups -- at Right Brain Counseling Blogs. Contact Maya Hennessey regarding applying Right Brain Aerobics in Counseling, groups, or individual private practice. Email Maya Hennessey or call 623-875-0451.

For Right Brain Counseling, see also Thomas J. Rodman's blog at Right Brain Blogs: "7 Principles Applying Right Brain Thinking to Counseling and Understanding Self-Trust. Tom Rodman made great contributions in his superior commentaries and analysis of Right Brain Aerobics approaches to creativity, counseling, and life. He passed away in 2012 and will be greatly remembered!

What Happens in a Right Brain Aerobics Class and After?

The Trainer guides you through experiential RBA exercises, using sound and mental visualization to deepen mental effects. Trainees learn to practice new mind states and generate creative new ideas "on the fly" anytime -- using these new techniques and tapping a new kind of "inner creative genius." Trainees "right brain-storm" and share innovative thinking. In some trainings, participants generate new ideas which can be worth thousands or millions to an organization (along with creative ideas about how to implement them). New excitement about organizational efforts and new creative energy, new passion and imagination can increase in addition to new skills learned and practiced. This multiplies as skills are practiced every workday. What People Are Saying About Right Brain Aerobics and Sandra Rodman.

What are some increased possible career/life skills for those who complete Right Brain Aerobics and practice regularly?

  • New "innovative thinking" techniques to shift to "aha" or insight mental states on the fly.
  • New ability to leverage and map right and left brain strategic vectors, advantages
  • Higher personal and organizational return on "mental investment" -- ROMI
  • A new sense that you are some of that 90% of the brain often unused and untrained.
  • More effective stress handling and stress reduction,, becoming calmer, learning to reinterpret or re-perceive any event with "a new mind" and expanded self-image that reduce anxiety
  • Ability to generate new ideas for mental/business strategy "on the fly" -- any time anywhere.
  • Ability to improve career performance -- even becoming known as a "thought leader," a better "critical thinker," a better "entrepreneurial thinker"
  • More innovative communication -- greater ability to inspire with new thinking as a leader or team partner.
  • More ways to quickly pop out of doldrums or being "stuck," interrupt knee-jerk negative reactions or flying off the handle before it starts.
  • Great for any field or career -- or parenting or dating! These techniques are useful for any discipline or industry -- science and technology, business and industry, education and training, sports and entertainment, counseling and coaching, design and arts, writing and speaking.
  • See more individual and organizational Benefits.


Start Learning Now!

Take a Tour on RBA Home Page -- Presentation, Brochures, Sample Exercise. Read a New Article by S.H. Rodman: "Don't Be a Rock Star at Work -- Be a Star!" Or, "Right Braining Your Way into Sanity & Innovation!"

Recommended: Start using these (or similar CDs of your own choosing) with the Sample Exercises such as Right Brain Start Up right away in quiet mental focus time. You can spark creative mind and lower stress.

1. Deep Alpha or Chakra Suite, Steven Halpern.

2. Seven Metals: Singing Bowels of Tibet, Benjamin Iobst.  Use Google or go to Amazon.

3. Wave Form I, Tom Kenyon, from the Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) CDs.

You go to the gym to strengthen physical abilities; you exercise the left brain at work; now activate the other 90%, the creative Right Brain...

Cyber Brain
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